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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. — John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

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Video Sharing Websites

Heavy: — Motto: All you can eat video. Also offers free music and comedy radio. Designed to attract those who like heavy metal music and action sports, but apparently open to anyone. Google page rank of 6.

Hey! Spread: — The first professional, robust and scalable Video Distributing and Tracking Web Service. Submits to 17 video-sharing websites for about $1.00. Also allows you to track stats for as many websites as yo want, transcode videos, and watermark videos. Inexpensive, but you have to do more work than with Video Traffic Guys (such as enter each password and login name each time you upload videos).

Hipcast: — A low-cost service for uploading your audio and video files to the Internet. Also useful for publishing podcasts. And, of course, everything can then be posted to any blog.

Hot Pluto: — An all-video business directory that features video ads from companies who want to showcase their products and services in motion. Advertisers place their video ads into the categories that best fit their products & services and consumers shop the directory by viewing the various video ad messages or presentations.

How Do I?: - A custom Google search engine that pulls instructional videos from websites indexed by Google. Alexa rank: 6,641 in September 2010.

Howcast: — One of Time magazine's 50 best websites for 2008. Features how-to videos and wiki entries/guides. Features 100,000 professionally-made instructional videos.

Hulu: — Features clips from NBC, Fox, and some other network TV shows. Time magazine rates it as one of the Top 50 websites for 2008.

iFilm: — Owned by Viacom, iFilm offers access to TV shows from Spike as well as the Colbert Report and Daily Show. Also, of course, user-generated and uploaded videos. Page rank of 7.

iMeem: — “iMeem is an online community where millions of fans and artists discover new music, videos, and photos, and share their tastes with friends.” Hence, essentially a social networking site focused on music and videos. Allows you to download music as well as listen to thousands of channels on an Internet radio station. Because it has secured song rights from the four major music labels, you can instantly listen to many current songs.

iSoftwareTV: — With this quickly downloadable software, you can watch more than 3,000 TV satellite channels from around the world: weather, news, entertainment, music, and much more. And you can watch from your personal computer no matter where you are as long as you have a broadband connection. Neat!

Instructables: — Step-by-step instructions, slideshows, or videos showing how you made or did something. — An Internet video guide that makes it easy for users to discover, watch, and share content from many video sites. Users can create special channels, share interests, connect with other viewers, etc.

iScripts Visual Caster: — A video hosting and sharing script that could be used to provide video hosting service to your customers. You can create a video sharing community like Youtube, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos or Google Video. Cost: $47.00.

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Video Traffic Guys: — The key resource to use to upload your new videos to dozens and dozens of video-sharing and social networking websites with just one click.

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