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Top 100 Video-Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video-sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video-sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

Video Sharing Websites

Nelsok: - Create your own videos, upload the video clips, allow others to watch, and earn money from the views. “Users who upload videos can go to their user profile and enter in their AdSense publisher ID. Once the user has entered their AdSense code and uploaded a video, ads will begin to be displayed using the user's AdSense publisher ID. The ads are displayed in the box directly under the playing video and are displayed at a ratio of 1:1.”

New Baby: - Features expert video information for new mothers. - A new Internet TV service that delivers over 50 channels of high quality TV content to you no matter where you are with a wired or wireless broadband Internet connection.

Nickelodeon TV: - Allows users to upload videos. Logged 1.4 billion video streams in 2007.

Noise Choice: - Features music videos. Alexa rank: 13,267,157 in October 2010 (new site).

Oddcast: - Allows you to create viral videos that feature your own face as an avatar. You can integrate your avatar into famous movie scenes and then share them via Oddcast widgets. Cool.

Odeo: - Odeo makes it easy to find and play the latest audio and video from various websites. It is part search engine, part media directory, and part social network.

On Networks: - Their AllScreen Network offers syndication of video content, delivering it to the right audience via TV, computers, mobile devices, retail networks, and more. They also manage advertising integration and search optimization.

One True Media: - Allows you to create a video montage, slideshow, or photo book using video, audio, photos, etc. You can then showcase your creation and also buy a DVD of it as well.

Oovoo: - Supports video chats with up to 6 people, share your screen, tweet invites, and record videoconferences. Free for two-way chats; $39.95 per month per user for more. 16 million users.

Openfilm: - Offers high quality video sharing. Provides a venue for users to watch premium video content as well as for filmmakers to exhibit their works. Features movies from independent filmakers and film school students.

Operator 11: - A new social video network where users can share their own TV shows or channels. When broadcasting live, the producer/host can interact with those viewing the video. You can netcast live with your friends and cut back and forth between the participating viewers.

OurMedia: - Video producers and podcasters can use this service to show off their works and create communities of interest.

Ovation TV: - A multiplatform network focused on entertaining, inspiring and engaging the artist in all of us by offering original and acquired programming focused on art, culture and personal creativity. Besides the website, Ovation also delivers convent via cable, satellite, and telco.

Overlander TV: - A travel video site that features videos of Australia, Spain, backpacking, and more. Alexa rank: 1,303,498 in August 2010.

Overlay TV: - A video-sharing website. Here is their summary:

Overlay.TV enriches the video viewing experience by introducing relevant and contextual annotations, images, widgets and links as a layer on top of any digital video and gives viewers the ability to intuitively interact with this layer. Put simply, Overlay.TV lets anyone grab a video, add some stuff to it, and post it anywhere. In addition to this, Overlay.TV as a platform provides an extensible set of solutions that enable content producers, both amateur and professional, to easily add this interactivity to their online video assets as part of their publishing process.

Overstream: - Allows users to add subtitles to online videos from YouTube and other video sharing websites. So you can create an entirely new video featuring subtitles.

Ovi: - Share your favorite videos and photos with those you love. Especially useful for sharing mobile content. Sponsored by Nokia. Offers free and unlimited storage for your photos and videos. John Kremer's Ovi page:

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