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Top 130 Video-Sharing Websites

This page features the top 130 video-sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video-sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Program

Video Sharing Websites

Vator.TV: - Motto: Voice of the Entrepreneur. The place for emerging companies to showcase and market themselves via video.

VBS.TV: - “VBS is an online broadcast network. We stream original content, free of charge and 24 hours a day. We carry a mix of domestic and international news, pop and underground culture coverage, and the best music in the world. People have used words like eclectic, smart, funny, shocking, and revolutionary to describe VBS.” Spike Jonze is their creative director. Email to send them show ideas. Alexa rank: 5,082.

Veeple: - A free clickable video web service for up to 5,000 views per month. Pricing starts at $49 per month for everything: Clickable videos with text, captions, hot zones, images, PDFs, Word documents, MP3s, and more.

Veeple’s tools enable publishers to identify and spot objects within video streams, or add their own interactive spots, and customize user experiences around the interaction with those objects. This interactive technology allows users to transform their viewing experiences, provides a monetization solution for content providers, and delivers an effective non-intrusive media vehicle for advertisers.

Veoh: - 53 million videos viewed each month (.6% market share). Offers an easy-to-use embeddable player, revenue-sharing, and desktop software (for downloading and viewing videos over 45 minutes long as well as to record videos for later viewing). As a Veoh Pro user (free), you can share revenue 50/50 as well as sell or rent video downloads via Veoh's ecommerce system. Veoh also provides video search to find free content anywhere on the web. CBS allows you to watch free, full-length episodes of many of their most popular shows via Veoh.

Vevo: - Features the top music videos from around the net. plus channels on YouTube, AOL, and various CBS sites. Also reached 6 million Hispanic users in April 2010. Alexa rank: 3,878 in October 2010.

Viacom Digital: - 281 million videos viewed each month (3.1% market share, #4). 22.7 million unique viewers in July 2007.

Viddler: - You can upload many videos at once in a variety of formats. Videos can be up to 500 Mb. Tags can be timed along the timeline of the video; so can comments from others. You can also record direct to Viddler with a webcam. You can also set your videos for private viewing (only people you invite can see the videos). Alexa rank: 1,922 in March 2010; 2,268 in July 2010.

ViddYou: - A video-sharing website with free and premium pay options. Designed for personal use with privacy controls and quality video. Support for iPhone and other mobile phones. Alexa rank: 471,885 (3/10).

VidEngage: - They call themselves the Internet's first video social network. Offering dating intro videos, video resumes, video shopping, and video conferencing. Also allows you to send video emails and video blogs. Alexa rank: 3,005,241 in March 2010.

VidEngage is the world's first personal video destination! We are more than just video mail, video blogs and a video social network! We have Video Dating! And get that DREAM JOB with your own Video Resume! Connect with your friends with Video Conferencing.

Video Bomb: - A social bookmarking site for Internet video. “Video Bomb lets you make a collection of videos that you find anywhere on the web. Share your collection by email, RSS, or embedded on your blog.” Alexa rank: 110,379 (3/10). - Canadian video-sharing community. Alexa rank: 1,433,442 (3/10).

The Video Channel: - A new video-sharing website that offers free accounts to upload, share, and embed videos, with 5 Gb of space per user, fast playback, and video embedding. For users requiring more than 5 Gb of space, paid accounts start at $5.00 per month.

Video Egg: - Offers 50 million viewers a month on imeem, Metacafe, and BuzzNet. As a publishing website, you can earn money delivering their ads into any video player or Flash widget. Find out more here: Their AdFrames Brand Response Network distributes video and rich media through an expandable ad unit that can be formatted to fit any page, any widget, or any online game. Microsoft is one of its advertisers.

VideoEgg is the pioneering video ad network for online communities. We connect brands to consumers with video and rich media across a network of more than 200 leading video and gaming sites, social networks and applications. ... We have 200 sites and applications in our network including over a hundred of the top Facebook apps, as well as leading social network and video communities like Bebo, Hi5, imeem, and Buzznet.

Video Jug: - Motto: Get good at life. An encyclopedia of everything, all done in video and articles. Features 100,000+ videos. Channels include beauty/style, creative/culture, family/education, food/drink, health/well-being, lifestyle/home, love/dating, money/careers, sports/outdoors, and technology/cars. Alexa rank: 3,748 in August 2010.

VideoMap: - An Italian site that features about 1,000 travel videos. Alexa rank: 3,036,190 in August 2010.

Video Podcasts: - A video podcast directory. You can add video podcasts to this directory.

Video Sells Property: - Videosharing website designed to help people sell their homes and other real estate. Focused on Australian properties at this tine.

Video Sift: - Features top videos by number of views. Allows users to vote videos up or down.

Video Sprout: - Share your videos privately, only with the people you invite to see them. Alexa rank: 2,338,849 in July 2010 (beta site).

Video Traffic Guys: - The key resource to use to upload your new videos to dozens and dozens of video-sharing and social networking websites with just one click.

Video Web Town: - Features 25,000 videos. Allows you to store and share personal videos up to two hours in length. Page rank of 5.

Video Wildfire: - A video and social media submission service for only $19.99 per month.

Vidiac: - Allows website owners to create video channels, either on vidiac's website or on their own. When you create a channel, others can also upload new videos to your channel.

Vidilife: - A photo and video-sharing website with email, blogs, and friends for social networking. Alexa rank: 12,218 on May 1st.

VidiNotes: - Allows you to capture up to 30 images from any FLV video, add notes to them, and then generate a printable PDF.

VidiVodo: - Motto: create your own TV. Alexa rank: 3,971 on May 1st.

VidLit: - This is apparently a video-sharing and production service for book trailers, but you would never know by visiting the website since there is no description of its purpose anywhere on the website. I looked. Very odd. - Allows you to use one link to offer videos in multiple formats for computers, iPads, Android devices, etc.

VidMax: - Videos to the max. Focus on funny and crazy videos. Allows you to make money with your original videos. Users can watch, rate, and comment on videos. Page rank of 4.

VidMe: - Allows you to share private videos with the people you define. Alexa rank: 779,759 in July 2010.

Vimeo: - Allows you to exchange videos with others and restrict who can see your videos. Designed to be a family-safe alternative to many other video-sharing sites. Viewers are allowed to download your original video to their computer. Page rank of 9. Alexa rank: 194 in July 2010.

iScripts Visual Caster: - A video hosting and sharing script that could be used to provide video hosting service to your customers. You can create a video sharing community like Youtube, DailyMotion, MySpace Videos or Google Video. Cost: $47.00. - A live video community. If you have a PC, an Internet connection, and video capture device (webcam, etc), you can set up a TV channel and broadcast live from your Internet connection.

VizzVox: - You can create up to 10 Vizzies (video slide shows) and share them here. For more sharing, you have to sign up for a pro account that costs money.

VMix: - Allows users to share videos and music. Their VMix Core platform allows for enterprise-wide video and social networking. Page rank of 6.

VodPod: - Allows you to search for videos, create a collection of your favorite videos, and then share them with others. Once you create a channel, you can use their widgets to share the videos you've collected in your blog sidebar or on your website. To search YouTube, MySpace, Daily Motion, Comedy Central, and other video-sharing sites, just type in your keywords and see what VodPod collects for you. An a-list site for marketing books and websites via video sharing.

Vokle: - A live video broadcasting platform for hosting interactive events. Looks like it's free. Alexa rank: 185,296 in October 2010.

Vooly: - An adult sex video sharing website.

VSocial: - Their V:sandbox (http://www.vsocial. com/vsandbox) allows anyone to share videos for free. Their Connect service allows small to medium businesses to create branded video channels. Their Engage service allows bigger companies and agencies to create video-driven branded social networking communities. For example, Ragan Communications created to provide blogging, forums, social networks, chat, bulletin boards, video-sharing and more for companies.

VuMe: - Pays a guaranteed $3.00 per thousand clicks on your original videos, audios, and photos showcased there.

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