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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

Video Sharing Websites

Watch Do It: - A video search engine for how-to videos that also features videos hosted by this website. Allows user submitted videos after a free registration. Alexa rank: 279,914 in September 2010.

WatchKnow: - Videos for students to learn from. Features videos from YouTube, SchoolTube, GoogleVideo, as well as user uploads. Alexa rank: 689,105 in September 2010.

Web Video Universe: - A great resource website about shooting, editing, and distributing videos.

Wee Web: - A place to share photos, videos, and stories of your children. Alexa rank: 438,657 on May 1st. - The best most current videos from around the web. Alexa rank: 1,973 in September 2010.

Winter Live: - Offers live and on-demand broadcast of videos, especially for churches and other ministries.

Wisdom Access: - Allows people to easily upload and share videos.

Wistia: - A video-sharing service for businesses. Trackable and embeddable video for $79 to $379 per month. - Allows people around the world to upload videos that document and publicize formerly unseen atrocities. A YouTube for human rights.

Wonder How-To: - How-to videos rated by the community as fresh, gems, and hot. Indexes and ranks how-to videos from hundreds of other sites. You can upload how-to videos to earn money as well. Also how-to articles. Alexa rank: 2,217 in September, 2010.

World Wide Internet TV: - A video aggregator, this site points to video sites from around the world.

Xtra Normal: - Motto: If you can type, you can make movies. This site allows you to create, share, and view videos created by typing in text. The above video was created in that way, simply by cutting and pasting some text, making a few choices about settings and characters, and rendering the new video. Alexa: 19,632 (3/10).

The XVid: - Funny and sexy videos. Alexa: 268,162 (3/10).

Yahoo Live: - Broadcasts live video rather than recorded clips.

Yahoo Music: - Features many music videos. Does not seem to support sharing of music videos.

Yahoo Video: - Yahoo's answer to Google Video. 390 million videos viewed each month (4.3% market share, #2). 35.3 million unique viewers (July 2007). Search:

You Are TV: - Motto: The best independent films, shows, and videos online. Channels include action/adventure, animation, comedy, documentary, drama, experimental, family, foreign, horror, independent, kids, mockumentary, music, news, people/places, reality, romance, sci-fi/fantasy, sports, tech, and thrillers. I'm not impressed with its video player. Alexa: 457,668 (3/10).

You Charades: - Users can upload videos of charades and also guess the charades of the current videos. Alexa: 6,445,282 (3/10). - A Chinese video-sharing website with 18% of the China market.

You Lyrics: - Allows you to watch YouTube music videos along with the lyrics to the song. Search by song title or artist. Alexa: no data (3/10).

YouPorn: - A hard-core sex video-sharing website with 15 million visitors per month. It is the number one adult site in the world. Generates $120,000 in income per month. Alexa: 62 (3/10).

YouTube: - The biggest video-sharing website now owned by Google. 2.4 billion videos viewed each month on YouTube (a 27% market share). 82 million unique viewers (July 2008). This is the most important and influential video-sharing website. The one you must use to share every video you make. Note: YouTube does not allow videos longer than 10 minutes. Google page rank of 8. Alexa rank: 3 in March 2010.

YouTube contests:

YouTube most viewed (all time):

YouTube most viewed (today):

YouTube top rated today:

YouTube's PopTub Ratings Report (top 10 weekly):

YouTube Popular, All Categories:

Discover new YouTube music videos:

How to link to a specific spot in a YouTube video:

Become a YouTube Partner and earn income from advertising that overlays your videos (Note: You need 30 videos or more to become a partner):

Check out some of the successful YouTube partners by clicking here. Note the video halfway down the page on How to Become a YouTube Partner.

Easy YouTube Caption Creator: - Allows you to easily add captions to your YouTube videos.

Endless YouTube: - Allows you to play the same YouTube video over and over again.

Google Search Stories Video Creator: - Allows you to quickly create a video featuring a series of Google searches and then easily upload the video to YouTube.

Two YouTube Videos: http://www.twoyoutubevideosandamotherfucking - Allows you to play two YouTube videos at once and mix the audio tracks (and record the result).

Tube to Tone: - Converts YouTube videos into ringtones for your cellphone. Simply enter the URL of any YouTube video and click search.

TubeSort: - Allows you to set up a song playlist of YouTube music videos. You can play your music selections in repeat, shuffle, or continuous mode.

YouTube LeanBack: - Allows you to view a lot of the top videos in various categories

YouTube Repeater: - Allows you to automatically repeat a video, especially useful for listening to music videos you like.

YouTube Social: - Allows anyone to watch, share, and comment on YouTube videos with their friends. Alexa rank: 267,848 in November 2010.

YouTube Trends: - A blog featuring the current YouTube trends. Useful for finding the latest viral videos.

John Kremer's channel on YouTube:

John Kremer's Naked Protocol channel on YouTube:

YTTM: - Makes it easy to search for YouTube videos from the 60's, 70's, etc. You can also add videos from previous years. Alexa rank: 58,106 in October 2010.

Zoofs: - Collects the top 42 YouTube videos cited or recommended via Twitter. A very useful tool for spotting up-and-coming hot videos. Alexa rank: 232,206 in October 2010.

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