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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. - John Kremer, host of the Ten Million Eyeballs Events

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Video Sharing Websites - Z

Zango: - An online media company providing consumers with free access to free sought-after videos, games, music, tools, and utilities.

Advertisers, web publishers and content creators are able to use Zango's proprietary automated technology to earn income through the sales of products and distribution of web content and tools. With the Content Economy model, consumers are able to access and enjoy web content and entertainment for free, because when they search or browse online for products and services, they see ads from Zango advertisers.

Zannel: - Web and mobile phone social networking site for sharing photos, videos, and blogs. Designed to allow you to share your life in real-time with a photo/video capable mobile phone.

Zentaton: - Allows you to link your YouTube video to a PowerPoint presentation and sync them together for a full visual presentation.

Zippy Videos: - A media sharing community. Page rank of 6.

Zocial.TV: - Features trending videos on Twitter and Facebook. A great way to track down some of the hottest new videos.

Zoofs: - Collects the top 42 YouTube videos cited or recommended via Twitter. A very useful tool for spotting up-and-coming hot videos.

Zoom and Go: - Features travel-related videos. Users can share photos, videos, and reviews of hotels, attractions, and destinations. Features 14,000 travel-related videos. Moto: Live it. Rate it. Shoot it. Share it. Page rank: 5. Alexa rank: 718,476 in August 2010.

Video Conversion Websites

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