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Top 100 Video Sharing Websites

This page features the top 100 video sharing websites as well as websites that allow you to create and edit videos and slideshows. If you'd like to nominate a video sharing website for this page, email John Kremer. Thanks for your support. — John Kremer

You can use the top 100 video-sharing websites as an additional avenue for getting exposure for your books, services, business, website, or authors. To draw attention to your book videos and make them easy to locate, you can use tags and descriptions.

Use the websites featured here to create, share, and distribute your videos, book trailers, viral videos, and vidcasts (video podcasts). Read from your book, tell a story, dance a jig, spread an idea, have fun!

Video Sharing Websites

A2Z Videos: — Provides a free platform to share your videos, both public and private.

ABCYouTube: — Makes YouTube video downloads and conversions fast and simple. Just add abc in front of any YouTube URL and the video will be instantly available for download in MP3, MP4, 3GP, and FLV formats.

AdEze: — Allows companies and advertisers to create video ads by combining photos, video, audio, and text. Formerly known as iBloks. — Amazon now allows customers to upload product video reviews. Customers can use a webcam or video camera to record and upload reviews to Amazon.

AnimeCrazy: — Features hundreds of full-length anime episodes and movies.

Animoto: — Allows you to create slideshow videos using images and music you submit. If you want to create an engaging video with just images and music (or talk), this service gets it done fast (that is, the creation is very simple, the downloading and rendering take longer). They limit you to a 30-second video for free. To create longer videos, you have to pay $30 per year for unlimited video creation and download. Save $5 by clicking on the above graphic.

Animoto now allows users to create video shorts on-the-go with their free iPhone app. Just snap some photos and use the app to turn them indo videos right on your iPhone. Check it out at

Any Clip: — Designed to provide clips from famous movies. Still very limited with only a few old movies. Check back periodically to see if they've expanded the number of movies. Could be a great source from movie clips to build your own movie or short video.

AOL Uncut Video: — You can browse videos by tags, category, most popular, most recent, location, highest rated, or most comments.

AOL Video Search: — Allows you to search by most viewed, highest rated, various categories, various channels, and TV shows (many free for viewing). Also allows video uploads. AOL offers a special channel for viewing the AOL Top 100 Music Videos.

Article Video Robot: johnkremer — Cut and paste an article into this website and it converts it into a video so you can distribute the article as a video. Simple to use. $47 per month for 50 videos. Automatically distributed to 17 video sites.

Associated Content: — Now owned by Yahoo!, this site commissions freelance writers and video producers to create content on different topics. 2.27 million articles and videos from 350,000+ contributors. Motto: Get published, reach millions, get paid. Alexa rank: 552 in August 2010.

Atom: — Web comedy videos from MTV Networks and Comedy Central. 1.8 unique monthly visitors. Encourages people to upload original comic videos, animations, and games. You could earn Pro Video status if people like your videos.

Atomic Wedgie TV: — Funny videos. A division of FremantleMedia, which also produces American Idol.

Atomic Wedgie is a short-form comedy video channel that lives on mobile phones and the web. Our diverse pool of producers continually upload us with funny and hilarious videos, and are ever growing in the new media community. With gutbusting parody, killer jokes, and amazing new characters created exclusively for digital, Atomic Wedgie is a growing comedy force for web and mobile.

Our video content ranges from new and unknown young internet filmmakers, to a variety of industry professionals coming from such projects as Mad TV, Second City, Improv Olympic, Upright Citizens Brigade, Scrubs, The Office, Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Disney, Family Guy, American Dad, Comedy Central, MTV, The Daily Show, and more.

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